Best hunting Compound Bow Reviews

How do you pick a compound bow when every top manufacturer makes an excellent flagship? Simple. You round up the field of new bows, send them to Lancaster Archery Supply, the country’s premier archery shop, and then tune, chronograph, and shoot the hell out of them until only one bow is left standing. And that’s exactly … Read more

How to train a dog to track the wounded deer

Training your Dog to Track a Wounded Deer Tracking a Wounded Deer Every hunter has felt the frustration at a wounded deer getting away. Either the shot wasn’t in the right spot, or it wasn’t wounded enough to drop right away or whatever it may be. It’s downright heartbreaking. That’s why many hunters use dogs … Read more

How to Tuning A Compound Bow Arrow Rest

When trying out a few different broadheads for an upcoming big-game hunt, I realized two important procedures that I had neglected to perform on my bow. One was walk back bow tuning my arrow rest and the other was setting the 2nd and 3rd Axis on my bow sight. Why You Should Walk Back Tune … Read more

How to Compound bow tuning

How to Tune a Compound Bow, Step 1: Attach the Arrow Rest Secure you bow in a vise, attach the rest, and tie in a D-loop for the nocking point. Jace Bauserman It’s fitting, in a way, that the first step is attaching a rest to the bow riser. You can’t get very far tuning a … Read more

Best Blood Tracking Light 2023

Every hunter, whether a firearm or bow shooter, novice or experienced, has experienced some difficult times tracking a wounded deer. From your stand it looked like a great shot, only to find little to no blood trail once on the ground. Other times you have a good blood trail to follow that seemingly disappears after … Read more

Lightweight Climbing, Ladder & Hang On Stands

Hang-on tree stands give hunters more mobility than a ladder stand and more flexibility than a climbing treestand. Whether you’re hanging a preset or doing a hang and hunt, the appeal of a hang-on stand is undeniable. Because these stands are so popular, the options are prolific. From small companies making innovative stands to large … Read more

How to Defeat Target Panic in Time for Bow Season

Have you ever stared down your pin at the bullseye, only to have it constantly drift off-center? If so, I’m sorry to say you are likely suffering from a case of target panic. If you’ve been around archery and bowhunting long enough, you’ve surely heard stories of this dreaded problem. It can happen to anyone who spends … Read more

Broadhead Tuning Tips & Troubleshooting

Accuracy is a top concern with broadhead arrows. Broadhead tuning and learning to check each arrow for accuracy is a tool that every bow hunter should understand. In this article, we go in-depth to discusstuning ,troubleshooting, and checking for accuracy. Let’s get started Broadhead Selection The considerations include the type of bow you are using, the type … Read more