Compound Bow

If you recently decided to get started with compound bow hunting, you probably are already overwhelmed and confused about the bow you would be using.The best compound bow for you would be something that gives you a comfort zone in your archery.  With bow manufacturers claiming to come out with the newest, latest, and greatest technology every year, it can get a little difficult to read between the lines of deciding which aspects to consider when selecting the right bow.

 Here are 6 reasons why would we recommend a hunting compound bow over the traditional one:

best hunting Compound Bow

Here are 6 reasons to use a compound bow rather than a traditional bow:

Definitely not a bow seen in the medieval times!

  1. The mechanics make it easier for the archer to draw an arrow. Less energy is required to pull the cable in to a fully drawn position.
  2. Weather conditions aren’t a concern since the bows are made of materials that aren’t affected by humid or cold weather.
  3. Availability and cost. As these high tech bows have taken over the market, traditional bows are becoming more expensive due to less demand and fewer manufacturers.
  4. They are often made of very light material such as carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.
  5. Its designed for better performance, speed, and accuracy.
  6. They can be broken down and transported easily.

As we are really concerned about the reader’s problems while selecting a bow, We’ve put together this guide to help you feel comfortable purchasing your new compound bow and make sure you get exactly the one you need.

First, take a quick look at our current most popular recommendations:

Best for Beginners 

Genesis Original

Best Seller 

Infinite Edge


Best for Women

Bear Archery Siren

2. The Genesis Original Bow is extremely quiet and comfortable to shoot with. This is why it is our choice of the best overall women’s option, and one of our favorites overall!