How a lot people have gotten lost when we are out searching? I have a couple occasions and it wasn’t something which I wish to replicate. This was before the term GPS was devised (check our very best Hunting GPS Guide). This was back when mobile phones were like large brown bricks and also had a massive antenna attached to it. So that gives you an idea.

I will never forget 1 time particularly. I was in 7th grade and it was mule deer season. My dad owned his own company and appeared to always be occupied. Anyhow, I talked him into taking me searching in a school day. The plan was I was likely to meet him out in the front of the faculty around 12pm. The weather this particular day happened to be awful and it had been snowing. 12pm arrived and I went outside and waited. He ended up being two hours late. That was no surprise for me. And to top it off he attracted my sister together. She was two years younger than me and had begged him to come together. Being as young as I was I was not excited about her forthcoming. Nowadays though I attempt to choose any one I can searching.

We left it around the hills about an hour after that was about 3 or 3:30. And it was snowing and slowly getting worse and worse. We shouldn’t have thought anything of it since nothing was mentioned. So we started trekking.

My dad was hunting this area for the past 25 decades and understood it quite well or so he believed. To increase to this area in which you truly start hunting takes an hour or so. After we made it on the peak of the region we began seeing deer anywhere. They simply happened to all be does or they proceeded too fast for us to determine whether they had been a dollar or not.

As we began seeing bull it was starting to get dark. Together with the thick cloud cover and snow it got darker quicker than normal. We improved a bit more and then it was nearly dark. He all of a sudden stop, looked back and said”sorry kids but we are missing.” Initially I thought he was joking but by the look on his head that I could see he was not joking. Becoming young children this made us stressed.

My sister had been beginning to get chilly and had not attracted proper clothing. We determined we had to hunker down beneath a walnut tree and produce a fire. I was surprised by how fast my father managed to generate a fire that it had been snowing so much better. We sat round the fire for some time before my sister got hot and then spoke about what we have to do. Staying there was not much of an alternative since it was snowing so much better.

A hour or so went by without a strategy was made. We just happened to be sitting on peak of a drainage. My dad said I am fairly sure if we increase down to the base of the drainage we will hit the road or hit the street. This strategy appeared better to me than sitting in the snow.

We went. Around half way down the drainage my dad stopped and looked down and explained he had discovered what looked like new mountain lion tracks. I thought it was sort of cool but it sure freaked my sister out. We kept on trekking and after about 30 minutes we struck the road. What a relief that was. My dad let out a sigh of relief and we high tailed it out from there and made it into the truck around 15 minutes after. As we left it into the truck that he told us a story of how he lost one of his favorite dogs up there once they were both monitoring a bobcat. His pet was hot on the trail of a bobcat and ended up falling off of a cliff and dying. He loved that dog and used to tell us lots of tales about their experiences.

This was the very first time I were missing and it was not the final moment. Getting lost in a snow storm isn’t something which you need to encounter. Even if it’s for a couple of hours that could look like days. Having GPS is a heaven sent. I understand the areas I search really well but if it gets dim what changes and it’s easy to get turned around. Particularly if you’re searching in a thick woods.



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