Customization with the Best Arrow Fletching Jigs


For the contemporary hunting bow, although arrows aren’t cost-prohibitive, they also aren’t inexpensive. Arrows break and must be replaced, but it feels like a horrible waste. When something as seemingly small as losing fletching makes the arrow futile. Theoretically, you can paste the Fletching Jigs. Or a new one in the event you have an extra, back on by hand. But it requires a practiced professional to run such a fix properly.
Any very small imperfection invisible to the eye will change the arrow’s flight only enough to make it unreliable for great groupings during the most important kill shot in the area. With a jig makes the task much easier as you don’t need to hold it perfectly in place while the adhesive sets, and it lines up the fletching absolutely every time for the angle of the heel and space from the nock. There is an assortment of jigs available depending upon your personal needs.

If you shoot left-handed, you need either directly fletchings or a left heel, or the small-angle you find that the fletching takes what gives it a controlled spin for increased precision similar to what a gun’s rifling does to get a bullet. Some jigs are easier to use if you make your own arrows from the batch, whereas others are easier to carry in the area in the event you will need to replace one fletching while actually shooting.

Best Fletching Jigs Compared

Benefits of Fletching Your Own Arrows

besides the feeling of achievement at creating a well-made piece of craftsmanship, fletching your arrows offers a couple of distinct benefits over store-bought arrows. Most of all, you can Fletching Jigs to your liking and also integrate the appearance that you find aesthetically pleasing. You also control the quality of every arrow at a lower price and can repair them as needed. Fletching your arrows will also improve your overall ability with the bow once you actually draw and fire.

Fletch to Your Liking:

The apparent first benefit of fletching your arrows is that you can pick the style of fletching you prefer. Various lengths and heights of fletchings are available, but may not come on the shaft you like if it had been pre-fletched at a factory. You can also decide whether to use a plastic vane or feather. According to what you decide to take, you can use an offset or helical fletching or put in direct fletching with a heel to help provide the arrow with an in-flight twist.

You Control the Quality:

It might seem a mill will have developed a system that prevents failure and always produces the highest quality arrows, but the simple fact of the matter is that despite the highest quality control there will be mistakes that allow it to market when arrows are mass-produced. When you fletch your arrows, you’re personally accountable for the quality of the workmanship and can expect your arrows to operate properly each time you shoot.

Reduced Costs over Time:

Arrows are reasonably priced for what they are, however you’ll save money over time by investing in an arrow Fletching Jigs. Arrows break and must be replaced, or else they can get lost. If you’ve purchased a new bow, or perhaps updated your current bow with new fittings, you might want to check fire distinct arrows while adjusting the grid, but a few pre-fletched arrows are somewhat expensive simply to test whether you like them.

Repair Arrows:

Arrow fix is another practical tool for arrow fletching jigs. It may be frustrating when fletchings come off and you realize you need to either throw it away or take it to an archery store for professional repair. Using a jig, you can simply put in a replacement fletching that day in the comfort of your own home.

Boost Your Skills:

Although fletching your arrows is not the identical experience as target shooting, you may use your fletching jig to raise your skills. It is possible to set up arrows with different fletching fashions and adjust the level of a heel for them, then take notes of your target groupings with every setup. As soon as you’ve found the perfect design for your particular bow and shooting fashion, you’re able to repeat the identical pattern on all hunting arrows you build later on.

Customize the Appearance:

as well as customizing your arrow for the sake of functionality, you can even design it to look nice, whether for absolute decorative purposes or as a practical way of viewing the arrow in flight, seeing where it strikes the target, or locating it after a shot. Including a wrap can further differentiate the appearance of your arrows while adding a little weight which will slow down the arrow but give it a more stable flight path.

Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch

The Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch is frequently considered the baseline of fletching jigs. It is flexible for distance in the nock and the heel angle and uses a preset knob to click into position for each vane. The jig is adjustable for any size arrow you might want to use. The Bitzenburger is used by professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists alike due to its durable craftsmanship and ability to set the fletching absolutely every time once it’s been correctly installed to your liking.

Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch

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Easton EZ-Fletch Jig Set

The Easton EZ-Fletch is a simpler design that effectively puts all three vanes simultaneously. The arms are made for standard two to five-inch vanes and provide a little helical effect to their own setting. The Easton is ideal for adding fletchings into a bundle of arrows at the same time, even though it doesn’t offer the alterations for customization. An excellent tool for a fair price, it allows a beginner to become knowledgeable about the fletching procedure.

Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch
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Arizona Rim E-Z Fletch Mini

The Arizona Mini is similar to the Easton using a smaller size and weight. It only works with smaller vanes but provides maximum helical placement to compensate for their size. The Mini works well in the area for emergency repairs while also being proper for fletching arrows at home if you want the smaller vanes. Nothing is quite as frustrating as being one arrow shy of assessing three or six arrow standard target groupings or using an empty quiver place while searching, due to losing fletching while away from home.

Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch

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Arizona Fletch III Jig

The Arizona Fletch III Jig is a similar layout to the Bitzenburger, but without the range of adjustments. It’s very simple to use and available at a very reasonable budget. Fletch III is a fantastic method to use for normal setup. The jig permits you to create your own arrows without the intricacies of ascertaining how tiny variances may or may not impact your accuracy when shooting.

AAE Fletch III Fletching Jig

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Bohning Blazer Helix Jig

Bohning Blazer Helix Jig also functions in a similar way to the Bitzenburger. Yet it provides both the advantages and disadvantages of being constructed of plastic instead of metal. The Blazer Helix is an economical way of setting the fletching perfectly each time. It’s a terrific way, to begin with. Fletching jobs and will always act as a backup system if you opt to upgrade in the future.Bohning 12962 Helix Tower Fletching Jig
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Bohning Helix Tower Jig

The Bohning Helix Tower Jig works similar to the Easton jig since it joins all three vanes simultaneously. But includes a more rigid frame allowing for a steadier installation and ease of use. As with any other fletching jig, it allows for absolutely consistent fletching every time it’s used and prevents making a mistake of placing one vane slightly off from where it ought to be. The Helix-Tower is excellent for somebody who wants to casually collect a few arrows in the day. You may use it in your coffee table for a side project when spending time with your loved ones or watching a favorite TV show.

Bohning 12962 Helix Tower Fletching Jig

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How Much Work are Fletching Arrows?

Fletching arrows is not particularly hard work, especially not for someone athletic enough to take part in archery as either a game or bow hunting. It is a delicate procedure that requires dedication and attention to detail. As soon as you’ve decided on a jig you want to use, and set it up as necessary to your chosen Fletching Jigs. It needs a steady hand to employ “just enough” but not too much adhesive. To each vane and use patience to place them in place and allow the glue dry.

A small drop of glue correctly placed on each end of the vane following. The arrow comes from the jig secures the borders from getting caught on something and starts to peel off. Even though the glue sets in only a couple seconds and the arrow can be used immediately. If time allows it is far better to wait a while so the paste can properly heal. Like most hobbies between craftsmanship, you can find ways to do it quickly when needed but to the extent possible a couple of additional minutes will make the difference between a decent job and a good one.

Arrow Wraps vs Fletching

There’s another way of fletching an arrow that’s arguably simpler and, according to some people, works equally well. The QuickFletch system is essentially a piece of heat shrink tubing using the vanes pre-attached. Boiling water shrinks the bit to form a friction lock contrary to the arrow shaft.

The system works and is a legitimate way of arrow fletching, but is not as substantial as conventional glued-on fletching systems. The ease of using a system that is tough to make mistakes with is worth it. Having a few around for a crisis, but generally speaking, the end results of a fletching jig will be better, and more accurate, than arrows using Quick Fletch.


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