Simple Yet Capable Trail Cam-Moultrie A-30


Moultrie A-30 Review

  • Detection & Trigger – 7.5/10
  • Image & Video – 8.0/10
  • Battery Life – 7.5/10



Concerning determining whether or not the Moultrie A-30 makes sense for the scouting needs, it’s helpful to weigh the positives and negatives. The camera has remarkable night-time capacities, lengthy image-taking battery life and a rugged, weatherproof case design. Some of the drawbacks include sub-par daytime video skills, video battery life, lack of sound and the setup tends to be restricted. For picture-takers not seeking to make a significant investment, you get excellent value under for under $100.

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Ranked among the best selling brands of trail cameras, game feeders and products designed to catch wildlife in its natural setting, the Moultrie A-30 has been dubbed the “spiritual successor” of former models. Most importantly, the A-5 and A-20 versions earned widespread praise and popularity with rocky outdoors aficionados dependent on the cameras’ professional-grade and cost-effectiveness. The A-30 follows in that tradition.

Designed to endure tough terrain and usage, the Moultrie A-30 makes an excellent sampling apparatus and live action camera. It has the capacity to go as hard as you do in the rugged countryside and secure quality JPEGs and videos that are solid. Wildlife photographers and hobbyists gain in the model’s capacity to capture pristine daytime pictures and utilize its long-range infrared flash option after dark.

With this type of camera, the A-30 delivers excellent value for customers who want to catch top notch pictures without breaking the bank. It manages a 60-foot detection array and also an 85-foot illumination range when costing less than half of several models touting 80 and 100 feet respectively. Concerning video quality, the A-30 offers adequate daylight and strong night time shoots. The bells and whistles tend to be on the fundamental side for this trail camera. At the conclusion of the day, the Moultrie A-30 is a budget-friendly alternative that snaps crisp photographs and delivers good bang for the buck.

Tech Specs

  • Image Sizes: JPEG with 2 resolution settings that include a Low 2MP 1920 x 1080 and High 12MP 4608 x 2592
  • Video: HD 1280 x 720, 15-second capability
  • Detection Range: Approximately 70 feet
  • Flash Range: 24 LED, 70-foot infrared flash
  • Trigger Speed: Less than 0.7 seconds
  • Recovery Speed: Approximately 1.1 seconds
  • Batteries: 8 AA, with an approximate 16,000-image capability
  • Physical Size: 3.39” W x 5.35”H x 2.48” W
  • LCD: Backlit LCD Menu with external visibility

Camera Design

The Moultrie A-30 exceeds expectations in terms of quality manufacturing for a camera costing less than $100. The sturdy case comes in a basic tan and mirrors the exterior design of the more expensive M-series products with a few exceptions. The A-30 has a pair of brackets on the back for Python Cable locks and a ¼-inch x 20 thread insert on the bottom that supports tripod stands. It also comes standard with a 72-inch insert for tree mounting options.

It’s modestly taller than the M and the latch can be somewhat awkward. The batteries are easily loaded from a tray eject at the bottom and is considered weatherproof.

The LCD screen is basic and on the smallish side. The setup is straightforward, bordering on rudimentary. It can be a chore.

Detection & Trigger

Even though the trigger rate appears pedestrian, the detection circuit is topnotch and it enjoys superb healing. The movie capability stacks up in a similar manner. The trigger is lackluster but it recovers quickly. The product keeps pace with others in its class, but at a lower cost than many of its peers.

Picture & Video Quality

Daytime images enjoy solid colour and crispness. Objects outside 100 feet can encounter some clarity problems. The total production value of daytime pictures exceeds expectations.

Nighttime photos tend to be equally excellent. Color and contrast surely meet the criteria of this class of trail camera.

The A-30 does not contain and sound component and daytime videos don’t appear to be on par with other aspects of the goods. Daylight videos fall short concerning clarity. Interestingly, night movies are far better than their daytime counterparts. The high quality and crispness exceed expectations after dark.

Battery Life

Users may anticipate that night use will have battery life at a quicker rate than daylight usage. The day-night ratio for photographs runs 2.39 vs 9.26 Ws and movie can be very intense at 16.43 vs 221.99 Ws. That’s a difference. No matter battery life trends high overall. Lithium batteries are recommended for heavy usage and can last over 6 weeks of photo-taking or a single month of 10-second vids if you took one per day. Compared to other cameras, the A-30’s efficiency rates well for photos but not so well with video.


The Moultrie A-30 Trail Camera offers outdoor photographers with superior bang for your dollar. The spiritual next generation successor of previous models provides comparable day and night image quality to more expensive cameras in its course for under $100. Concerning videography, it will not deliver best flight battery lifetime and daylight crispness to fulfill a true wildlife video enthusiast. Although the Moultrie A-30 has some constraints, it can be an excellent alternative for hobbyists and nature lovers seeking to take advantage of their hard earned dollars.




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