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In case you go about asking ten bowhunters, “Which Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests would you prefer to use and why?” you’d be getting different answers from all ten of them. The fact of the level of experience the archer has seems not to matter much; each hunter builds up a particular preference over time. You may believe all those archers, having years of experience and a developed expertise would be okay with using a drop away rest, but that has proven not to be true.

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Even though the drop away is considered the more technical of the two, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the preferred rest for the majority of the shooters. The reason why archers prefer a Whisker Biscuit over a drop away rest is rather easy to understand. They are designed to be simple, however they are dependable and constructed for serving their purpose accurately. Besides that, this report wraps up the pros and cons of the full containment rest, together with the alternative choices along with their reviews.

Quick Picks: Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests

  1. Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot — – The Whisker Biscuit classic, the highly dependable and reliable arrow rest. (Watch on Cabela’s)
  2. Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot — The highest rated rest with adjustable x-y sliders.   (Watch on Cabela’s)
  3. Whisker Biscuit Power Shot — the best valued in the line with enhanced vibration reduction.   (Watch on Cabela’s)
  4. Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro — Experience archers’ choice, with sophisticated micro tuning functions.

Whisker Biscuit Strengths: Simple design and highly reliable

So what is it that defines Whisker Biscuits? Simplicity and reliability. Although there’s more to it than that, as the experienced hunters say. While digging deep into the bow and fine tuning it the rest, the strengths are visible.

Firm Arrow Grip

Because the Whisker Biscuit is a complete containment rest, it holds a strong hold on the arrow as the rest encloses the arrow from all the sides. It makes the arrow stay in place and lessens the chances of the arrow popping out of the rest. All you need to do is slide the arrow in the bristles through the slot, nock the arrow and you are all set to fire.

Easy installation and adjustments

Installing a Whisker Biscuit is just as easy as operating it. It’s constructed in such a way that the remainder is directly bolted to the riser. Addition to that, are provided two allen head bolts. Those are intended to prevent the reminder from rotating over time due to the vibrations. After that, what you do is, rectify the center line of the along the slot and bolt it to secure it there. Keeping in mind, the cavity in the arrow shafts should align to same space as the bowstring and the arrow should align at a 90 degree to the bowstring. For achieving the best nocking point, you can do paper tuning and adjust the position of the biscuit until the arrow shaft aligns at the 90 degree with the bowstring.

Great for every level of Expertise

Whisker Biscuit’s easy installation and usage allows for a dynamic setting for any situation and any level of expertise for every bow hunter. Due to not having any moving parts in the mechanism, it makes the experience of the form, technique and execution of the shot just perfect. The arrow jumping off of the rest is the last thing a new archer wants to happen. Because in a moment of excitement because of a shot opportunity, its not affordable. Surprisingly, that’s exactly the thing about the Whisker Biscuit which the experienced archers love, how the rest wouldn’t allow the arrow to just fall off.

Minimizes possibilities of Error

In fields and forests, the chances of a ruining a great shot opportunity is increased. Carbon searching arrows bump of quite easily when being secured into position. The case is the same when searching from a ground blind where the space seems to be restricted. The fall away mechanism can be considered another failure. However, the question arises, what if, the rotatable holder release on discharge? The arrow would fly way off target.  When such a situation arises, the shafts fletching and nock feel resistance which pushes it off the aim.

Accurate however unforgiving to poor handling

In other words, it means that, poor installation or inefficient shooting method can bring down the advantages of Whisker Biscuit. Several tests show that a properly tunes bow using a biscuit rest performs as good as a fall away rest. That is to say that, any bow can impact accuracy having human error. One thing about the Whisker Biscuit which many knock about is, the low arrow velocity, since the vanes pass through the bristles. Although true, the lost velocity is minimal, in a 20-30 yard range which many deer hunters shoot for. But don’t let these things affect your preference for a Whisker Biscuit. Still, a huge number of bow hunters still rely on a Whisker Biscuit and believe that it delivers full functionality. Take a look at the video below to prove the point:

How long before a Whisker Biscuits Wear Out?

Even though Whisker Biscuits are undoubtedly quite durable, it really depends upon one’s arrow fletching. The biscuit’s bristles do wear out after hundreds of shots. But the good news is that the bristles are easily replaceable. All you need to do is remove the end caps and simply slide in the bristle disk into the frame. A better suggest for improving longevity is, purchasing original Trophy Ridge merchandise. You will find lots of identical, imitation products, of low quality bristles on Amazon, which you need to avoid.

Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests — Replies

Trophy Ridge is now offering four different versions of Whisker Biscuit arrow rests. These models feature improved functionality and ability for finer adjustments. Although, consider the difference between the versions to be incremental, as you read on, the reviews. Even if you’re a new bow hunter, you would benefit just as much, from the entrance version that is, Quick Shot, as you would from the flagship, the Sure Shot Pro.

The entry level Whisker Biscuit – Quick Shot

Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests

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The base model in the Whisker Biscuit lineup is the Quick Shot. This basic version is intended to be an economical upgrade for just about any bow out there. But even though  its the basic version, it’s easy to operate and is quiet and improved in several ways than the original. Trophy Ridge states that Quick Shot’s renewed frame has been made a lot stronger and allows for smoother adjusting slider. In addition to that, it features a simple reversible mount design which allows the archers to adjust the remainder based on their comfort. Furthermore, a lot of owners claim that it’s a good one for stabilizing shots without compromising the velocity and aim of the arrow.

In spite of that, there is one concern owners have. It is that it might rub against particular bow signs and adversely impact the aim but that seems to be limited to smaller bows covering less distance. Bow hunters can promptly rectify that with the help of reference marks. Whereas, the other strong selling point of Quick Shot is its silent operation. Seemingly perfect for hunters seeking stealth who don’t want to spook their target.

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot

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The Kill Shot features many improvements and upgrades over the Quick Shot. To say for one, it features a sturdier dovetail slider design. That is what keeps the alignment intact without loosening with time. Besides that, the Kill Shot also features a vertical adjustment. Known as windage and elevation, it makes the feature simply amazing for fine tuning the alignment. Moreover, the Kill Shot is light weight and relatively smaller, due to the composite material used for its framework. Similar to most other Whisker Biscuits, you would find rubber boots for loading the arrow silently. The Kill Shot features three dimensions, with internal diameters of .300”, .320 and 395”.

The all rounder Whisker Biscuit – Power Shot

Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow RestsView on: Amazon | Cabela’s

Although looking similar to the Kill Shot, the Power Shot has its own magic however. The Power Shot is too,  given a composite frame along with vertical and horizontal adjustment. But its got a little something of its own. It additionally yields the silencing effect of Ballistix CoPolymer coating. Because of the coating, it suppresses sounds metal components create and mitigate the vibrations in the bow. The Power Shot has proven to be a favorite of many, and comes in a black or camouflage color pattern.

Trophy Ridge’s top of the line – Whisker Biscuit Sure Shot Pro

Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow RestsView on: Amazon

The top of the line model of Whisker Biscuit. The Sure Shot Pro is meant for the bow hunter who just can’t settle for second. Although the Power Shot and Kill Shot models are undoubtedly best value for your money, the Sure Shot Pro stands above the rest in the lineup. Your hunting experience level shall rise with the justified usage of the top model. The Sure Shot is upgraded with further fine adjustments for those who know how to harness the power of it and shoot sharp. Sure Shot’s sliders are clearly marked to make easy the corrections.


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